I Was Told There Would Be No Math

The time has come to address a concern/comment that comes up regularly in the meta-list universe.  As those who read this site regularly know, I create meta-lists in a very simple way: First, I collect as many “Best of ___” lists as I can find. I favor critics’ lists over amateur lists, but I don’t discriminate based on […]

Most Important Scientific Discoveries – Chronological

I collected more than 17 lists of the greatest or most important scientific discoveries of all time and combined them into one list – here are the results, arranged chronologically into a timeline. You may notice there is some overlap with the Best Inventions lists as the line between ‘invention’ and ‘discovery’ is often a […]

Art History 101 – Part 3: 1400-1499

The following list is Part 3 (1400-1499) of my attempt to trace the history of human artistic endeavors by finding the best, most significant, and most highly-regarded works of visual art (primarily painting and sculpture) from all times and places and presenting them in chronological order. The seven Art History 101 lists contain every work of […]

The Facebook Jokes

I have always had goals.  When I was six, I wanted to be a paleontologist (a fact my parents loved to share with friends: “Ask him what he wants to be when he grows up”).  When I was in sixth grade, I wanted to be a naturalist, like Charles Darwin.  In high school, I wanted […]