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This Magic Moment: Introducing the Best of 2015 Lists

It is mid-December and as always, the book, film and music critics of various publications have issued their best of the year lists.  And, as always, I have collected those lists and consolidated them for your convenience. It’s just that simple.  You will find the 2015 meta-lists below. One note: I have added the phrase “the critics’ picks” to the list titles in an attempt to dispel the common misconception that these lists contain my personal opinions about the best books, movies and music of the year.  Absolutely not! The rationale for making these lists is that, while a film, book or recording favored by a single critic may not thrill me, something recommended by multiple critics is much more likely to interest me.  Also, because critics listen, watch and read for a living, they can sample a much wider variety of items than I ever could, and they can direct me to books, films and music I may never have heard of.  This prevents me from getting stuck in the rut of my own tastes and those of my friends or overly persuaded by the advertisers and marketers who create ads, previews, book jackets and other forms of capitalistic brainwashing.

Best Films of 2015 – The Critics’ Picks
Best Music of 2015 – The Critics’ Picks
Best Books of 2015 – The Critics’ Picks