Live Performance Log: A Diary

I started out by trying to list every music concert I’ve ever attended. Then I added comedy performances, because I didn’t know where else to put them. I started a separate list for plays, but then I thought, since the music concert list includes operas, and operas are a kind of musical theater, why not add plays to this list. So here are all the music and comedy concerts and theater performances I have attended, in chronological order, since 1975 – that I can remember. My memory is fading so I’m sure there are gaps.

Code: M (music concert); T (theater play); MT (musical); (O) opera; (C) comedy; (D) dance

The 1970s

  • Godspell  Promenade Theater, NYC  Spring 1975 (MT)
    With 8th grade class, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Elementary School
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus  City Center, NYC  4/76 (C)
  • The Threepenny Opera  Lincoln Center, NYC  Spring 1976 (MT)
    (Brecht/Weill)  With Raul Julia & Blair Brown
  • Yes  Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ  6/17/76 (M)
    Opening Act: Pousette-Dart Band
    Jon Anderson came out mid-afternoon to play some tunes on his new harp.
  • The Shirts  Regis High School, NYC  1976 (?) (M)
    With Annie Golden.
    ‘If you were to believe the press, the CB’s scene was only made up of a handful of bands but that just wasn’t true. There were all kinds of musical styles being represented… and one could even claim The Shirts were the precursors to the musical RENT.’ – David Byrne
  • Godspell  Regis High School  Spring 1977 (MT)
    Performed by the Regis Senior Class as part of the Sophomore Retreat.
  • Led Zeppelin  Madison Square Garden, NYC  6/77 (M)
    Included acoustic set and seemingly interminable drum solo.
    Tour Set List: The Song Remains the Same, The Rover, Sick Again, Nobody’s Fault But Mine, Over the Hills and Far Away, Since I’ve Been Loving You, No Quarter, Ten Years Gone, Battle of Evermore, Going to California, Black Country Woman, Bron-Y-Aur Stomp, White Summer/Black Mountain Side, Kashmir, Out on the Tiles, Moby Dick, Guitar Solo, Achilles Last Stand, Stairway to Heaven. Encore: Whole Lotta Love, Rock and Roll.
  • Yes  Madison Square Garden, NYC  8/77 (M)
    Opening Act: Donovan
  • Renaissance  City Center, NYC 3/25/78 (M)
    Set List: Can You Hear Me, Things I Don’t Understand, Northern Lights, Mother Russia, Day of the Dreamer, Midas Man, The Vultures Fly High, Running Hard, A Song for All Seasons, Prologue, Ashes Are Burning.
  • Genesis  Madison Square Garden, NYC  7/29/78 (M)
    “On July 29, 1978 Genesis made their second appearance at [Madison Square Garden]. Although now without guitarist Steve Hackett, original front man Peter Gabriel did attend the show and joined the band for an encore of their seminal hit single, I Know What I Like.”
  • Yes  Madison Square Garden, NYC  9/78 (M)
    In the round: revolving circular stage.
  • Frank Zappa  The Palladium, NYC  Oct. 27, 28 or 29, 1978 (M)
    “In 1978, Zappa played the Palladium in New York City for six shows: one on Halloween, two each on Oct. 27 and 28, and one on Oct. 29. … This concert had some serious head-banging heavy metal guitar solos that stimulate your entire body with scintillating current; you will hear the magical musicianship of the band as it displays complete mastery of some of Zappa’s most difficult material; you will be awed by Denny Walley’s super sweet and melodious slide guitar delivered with a Delta blues fingerprint so implacable and delicious that it’s like a savory sweet potato pie; and the interplay between L. Shankar’s electric violin and Zappa’s guitar approaches the mystical.” http://frankzappasrevenge….ladium-nyc.html
  • Renaissance  City Center, NYC  Spring 1979 (M)
  • Catch a Rising Star  NYC  May 1979 (C)
    Prom night. Richard Belzer, emcee.
  • Yes  Madison Square Garden, NYC  6/79 (M)
    In the round: revolving circular stage.
  • Steve Martin  Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ  Summer 1979 (C)
  • Beatlemania  NYC  1977-1979 (MT)
  • Dancin’  Ambassador Theatre, NYC  12/79 (MT)
    (Fosse) With Ann Reinking

The 1980s

  • Dizzy Gillespie  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  1980 (?) (M)
  • The Heath Brothers  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  1980 (M)
  • Tommy  Hunter College High School, NYC  Summer 1980 (MT/O)
    With Janet Lee, Joe Faga, George Figueroa
  • The Roches  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  Fall 1980 (M)
    Included cover of Dylan’s Clothes Line Saga.
  • The Del Fuegos  Oberlin, OH  1980 or 1981 (M)
  • Muddy Waters  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  2/7/81 (M)
  • King Crimson  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  11/1/81 (M)
  • Leo Kottke  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  11/21/81 (M)
  • Pete Seeger  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  1981 (M)
  • Art Ensemble of Chicago  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  1982 (?) (M)
  • Nuclear Freeze Rally  Central Park, NYC  6/12/82 (M)
    Performers included: Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Joan Baez, Carly Simon, James Taylor, and Sweet Honey in the Rock
    “On June 12, 1982, one million people demonstrated in New York City’s Central Park against nuclear weapons and for an end to the cold war arms race. It was the largest anti-nuclear protest and the largest political demonstration in American history.”
  • Peter, Paul & Mary  Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA  Summer 1982 (M)
  • Talking Heads  Mann Center, Philadelphia, PA  8/30/82 (M)
    Opening Act: Burning Spear
  • The Go-Gos / A Flock of Seagulls  Madison Square Garden, NYC  10/20/82 (M)
    Chaperoning Jahnet Becker and friends.
    “On the basis of their catchy hit singles, the Go-Go’s and a Flock of Seagulls, who shared the bill Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, have become leading commercial lights of minimalist post-new-wave rock. The Go-Go’s, the all-woman quintet from Los Angeles, became America’s pop sweethearts with their lighthearted blend of old fashioned girl-group harmonies and surf music and newer-fashioned punk. A Flock of Seagulls, a quartet from Liverpool, makes danceable, synthesizer-oriented rock that compacts psychedelia and electropop into robotic singing telegrams for the space age.”…are-garden.html
  • The English Beat / R.E.M.  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  4/9/83 (M)
    R.E.M., which was the opening act, released its 1st LP, Murmur, on 4/11/83, two days after this concert. (R.E.M. released the single “Radio Free Europe” in 1981 and an EP, Chronic Town, in August 1982.)
  • Curse of the Starving Class  Oberlin College, OH  between 9/80 & 5/83 (T)
    (Shepard) With Jonathan Freund
  • Cleveland Symphony Orchestra  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  between 9/79 & 12/83 (M)
  • Oberlin College Symphony Orchestra  Finney Chapel, Oberlin College, OH  between 9/79 & 12/83 (M)
  • The Everly Brothers  Boston Common, Boston, MA  7/30/84 (M)
  • O Positive  Boston, MA  Fall 1984 (M)
  • Galileo  Kresge Auditorium, MIT, Cambridge, MA  1985 (T)
    (Brecht)  In German (comprehension level very low)
  • Rank and File  Jonathan Swifts, Cambridge, MA  1985 (M)
  • Birdsongs of the Mesozoic  Jacks, Cambridge, MA  1985 (M)
  • Crosby, Stills & Nash  Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel, NJ  8/20/85 (M)
  • A Lie of the Mind  Promenade Theater, NYC  12/85 (T)
    (Shepard) With Harvey Keitel, Amanda Plummer, Geraldine Page, Aidan Quinn & Will Patton.
  • The Heath Brothers  Reggatabar, Cambridge, MA  1/86 (M)
    First date w/ MTC. Left early after numerous requests to be quiet.
  • Willie Nelson / Emmylou Harris  Boston Common, Boston, MA  Summer 1986 (M)
  • The Feelies  TT The Bear’s Place, Cambridge, MA  8/9/86 (M)
  • The Roches  The Paradise, Boston, MA  8/16/87 (M)
  • Turf  Boston Youth Theater, Cyclorama, Boston, MA  1988 (T)
  • k.d. lang  Berklee Performance Center, Boston, MA  9/29/88 (M)
  • King Sunny Ade  The Channel, Boston, MA  late 1980s (M)
  • WGBH Blues After Hours Concert The Tam, Brookline, MA  late 1980s (M)
    Featuring David Maxwell and others.
  • David Bromberg  Nightstage, Cambridge, MA  2/17/89 (M)
  • Single Spies  National Theatre, London, UK  4/89 (T)
    (Bennett) With Simon Callow and Prunella Scales
  • King Lear  The Old Vic, London, UK 4/89 (T)
    (Shakespeare) Jonathan Miller, director.
  • The Taming of the Shrew  The Publick Theatre, Boston, MA  Summer 1989 (T)
  • Oat Bran & Remembrance  The Boston Baked Theatre, Somerville, MA 9/89
    With Mark Waldstein
  • Push Push  Nightstage, Cambridge, MA  11/15/89 (M)
    Featuring Dennis Brennan and Adam Steinberg
  • Catch a Rising Star  NYC  late 1980s (C)
    Chris Rock??

The 1990s

  • Paul Dresher Ensemble  Northeastern University, Boston, MA  2/9/90 (MT)
    Performing Slow Fire.
  • The Mannes Camerata  Mannes Concert Hall, NYC  5/90 (O)
    Performing Antonio Cesti’s La Dori. With Janet Lee.
  • Iolanthe  The Publick Theatre, Boston, MA  1990 (O)
    (Gilbert & Sullivan)
  • Don’t Touch That Dial!  Club Cabaret, Boston, MA  3/29/90 (MT/C)
    (Katzen, etc.)  With Mark Waldstein.  Saw it twice in 1990.
  • The Band  Northeastern University, Boston, MA  early 1990s (M)
    (without Robbie Robertson or Richard Manuel)
    Opening Act: The Dirty Dozen Brass Band
  • Larry Miller  Catch a Rising Star, Cambridge, MA  early 1990s (C)
  • Concert Dance Company of Boston  Northeastern University, Boston, MA  1991 (D)
  • David Massengill  Passim, Cambridge, MA  1992 (?) (M)
  • The Star-Spangled Girl  Boston Baked Theatre, Somerville, MA  1994 (T)
    (Simon) With Mark Waldstein
  • Viva Quetzal  Kresge Auditorium, MIT, Cambridge, MA  1995 (?) (M)
  • Convivium Musicum  Harvard Epworth Church, Cambridge, MA  6/12/95 (M)
    Zefiro Torna: Works of Monteverdi, Wert, Caimo, Marenzio, Gesualdo, Vechhi & Willaert
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  2/23/97 (M)
    The Musical Genius of New England: Works of Billings, Van Ness, St. Clair, & Lomon
  • Liber Unusualis  King’s Chapel, Boston, MA  6/10/97 (M)
    Performing works of Machaut and Ciconia.
  • La Fontegara  Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, MA  6/12/97 (M)
    Performing works of Landini, Haucourt, Machaut, Busnois, Cornysh, Henry VIII, Anchieta, Upsala, Van Eyck & Gibbons.
  • The Publick Musick  Boston, MA  6/13/97 (M)
    Performing works by J.S. Bach
  • La Luna  Church of St. John the Evangelist, Boston, MA  6/14/97 (M)
    Performing works of Schmelzer, Kerll, Falconieri, Rossi & Merula
  • Convivium Musicum  Church of St. John the Evangelist, Boston, MA  6/14/97 (M)
    Fortuna Desperata: Works of Josquin des Prez and De La Rue
  • Unknown Artists, Gospel Brunch  House of Blues, Cambridge, MA 5/18/97 (M)
  • Waiting for Godot  Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, MA  1995-1997 (T)
  • Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston  Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA  2/8/98 (M)
    Gisele Ben-Dor, conductor. Performing works of Lomon, Neruda, Mendelssohn & Elgar
  • Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston  Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA  3/29/98 (M)
    Gisele Ben-Dor, conductor. With Coro Allegro. Performing works of Street, J.S. Bach, J. Adams, Mozart
  • Pro Arte Chamber Orchestra of Boston  Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA  5/17/98 (M)
    Gunther Schuller, conductor. Performing works of Lee, Vaughan Williams, Sinding and Beethoven
  • Convivium Musicum  Church of St. Anne in-the-Fields, Lincoln, MA  7/19/98 (M)
    Songs of the New Pythagoras: Works of Crecquillon, De Rore, Willaert, De Wert & Clemens non Papa
  • Noises Off  Spiral Stage, Dedham, MA  1998 (T)
    (Frayn) With Mark Waldstein
  • Timon of Athens  Chicago, IL  1992-1998 (T)
  • Second City  Chicago, IL  1992-1998 (C)
  • Alanis Morissette / Garbage  Fleet Center, Boston, MA  2/22/99 (M)
    Morissette Set List: Baba; Would Not Come; Can’t Not; Hand in My Pocket; Are You Still Mad; Sympathetic Character; That I Would Be Good; You Learn; Forgiven; Mary Jane; Unsent; Right Through You; All I Really Want; You Oughta Know; Uninvited; Encore: Thank U; Ironic; Wake Up; Not the Doctor
  • Boston University Symphony Orchestra  Boston, MA  10/5/99 (M)
    Performing works by Schumann, Holst & Shostakovich
  • As You Like It  Open Door Theatre, Jamaica Plain, MA  1990s (T)
    (Shakespeare)  With Mark Waldstein
  • Half/Acts  Boston Baked Theatre, Somerville, MA  1990s (T)
    With Mark Waldstein
  • Six Degrees of Separation  Boston, MA  1990s (T)
    (Guare)  With Mark Waldstein
  • Iolanthe  Harvard University, Cambridge, MA  1990s (MT/O)
    With Julie Devine
  • Johnny A  Bull Run Pub, Shirley, MA 1990s (M)
  • Peter Wolf  Bull Run Pub, Shirley, MA  1990s (M)

The 2000s

  • Roy Haynes Trio  Scullers Jazz Club, Allston, MA  6/7/00 (M)
    With Danilo Perez, drums, & John Patitucci, bass.
  • Lee Konitz Trio  Regattabar, Cambridge, MA 9/21/00 (M)
    With Paul Bley, piano & Steve Swallow, bass.
  • New England Conservatory Jazz Orchestra  Jordan Hall, Boston, MA  4/23/02 (M)
    Directed by George Russell.
  • The Greg Osby Four  Wellesley College, MA  2/9/03 (M)
    With Jason Moran, piano; Matthew Parrish, bass; and Damion Reid, drums.
  • Tommy Castro  San Jose, CA  2003 or 2004 (M)
  • Convivium Musicum  St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Cambridge, MA  1/17/04 (M)
    Muses of Zion: Works of Praetorius, Lechner & Hassler
  • Jumpers  Brooks Atkinson Theater, NYC  2004 (T)
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  2/27/05 (M)
    Crossing the Channel: Works of Britten, Vaughan Williams, Poulenc, Messiaen & Debussy
  • Sonya Kitchell  Regattabar, Cambridge, MA  7/22/05 (M)
  • Jerry Seinfeld  Boston, MA  3/06 (C)
    Opening Act: Louis C.K.
  • Musicians of the Old Post Road  Emmanuel Church, Boston, MA  4/1/06 (M)
    Mozart in Paris: Works of Gluck, Mozart, Schobert & Gossec
  • Marcus Roberts Trio  Brandeis University, Waltham, MA  4/6/06 (M)
    With Jason Marsalis, drums, and others
  • Chris Smither / Ollabelle  Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA  9/22/06 (M)
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  2/25/07 (M)
    Mass in D: Works by Dvořák, Thompson, Poulenc & Duruflé
  • The Tallis Scholars  St. Paul Church, Cambridge, MA  3/24/07 (M)
    Performing works of Monteverdi, Palestrina, Gombert, Lassus and Browne
  • Geri Allen  Wellesley College, MA  10/13/07 (M)
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  11/11/07 (M)
    Requiem: Works by Duruflé, Fine, Neufeld & Hogan
  • Convivium Musicum  Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA  1/26/08 (M)
    Josquin Was Here: Works of Ockeghem, Mouton, Josquin des Prez and de Wert
  • Clarias  The Paradise, Boston, MA  2/15/08 (M)
    Opening Act: Break Mission
  • Kammerwerke Winds  First Parish Church of Waltham, Waltham, MA  6/1/08 (M)
    Performing works of Fauré, Honegger, Grainger & Brahms
  • Lucinda Williams  Boarding House Park, Lowell, MA  7/12/08 (M)
  • The Swell Season  Agganis Arena, Boston, MA  9/19/08 (M)
    With Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.
  • Wishful Drinking  Huntington Theater Company, Boston, MA  10/08 (T)
    Written and performed by Carrie Fisher.
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  11/16/08 (M)
    Performing works of Fauré and others
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra  Symphony Hall, Boston, MA  2/09 (M)
    Performing works by Ravel, Liszt & Dvořák
  • Convivium Musicum  First Congregational Church, Cambridge, MA  5/9/09 (M)
    Going for Baroque: Works of Praetorius, Schütz, Stephan, Bateman and Hassler
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  5/17/09 (M)
    Why I Wake Early: Works of Fuchs, Stern, Burleigh, Copland & Perera
  • Coro Allegro  Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA  11/15/09 (M)
    Shofar: Works of Stern, Vaughan Williams & Fauré
  • The Skin of Our Teeth  Harvard-Radcliffe Dramatic Club, Cambridge, MA  2000s (T)
  • [Unknown Play]  Cutler Majestic Theater, Boston, MA 2000s (T)

The 2010s

  • Cyrano de Bergerac  Appolinare Company, Chelsea, MA  Summer 2010 (T)
    (Rostand)  Performed outdoors at various sites in Chelsea.
  • Arcade Fire  Bank of America Pavilion, Boston, MA  8/1/10 (M)
    Opening Act: Young Galaxy
    Set List: Ready to Start; Month of May; Neighborhood #2 (Laika); No Cars Go; Haïti; Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains); We Used to Wait; Intervention; Modern Man; The Suburbs; The Suburbs (Continued); Deep Blue; Neighborhood #3 (Power Out); Rebellion (Lies); Half Light II (No Celebration); Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels); Encore: Keep the Car Running; Wake Up
  • Coro Allegro  Sanders Theater, Cambridge, MA  11/7/10 (M)
    Why I Wake Early/In the Beginning/Frogs: Works by Perera, Copland & Dinerstein
  • Convivium Musicum  Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA  1/22/11 (M)
    Josquin’s Playlist: Works of Josquin des Prez, Ockeghem, Arcadelt, Vecchi, Palestrina & Senfl
  • Kammerwerke Winds  Eliot Church of Newton, Newton, MA  3/20/11 (M)
    Performing works of Beethoven, Bizet, Strauss & Bird
  • Sarah Jarosz  The Red Room, Boston, MA  4/30/11 (M)
  • Jerusalem  The Music Box, NYC  7/11 (T)
    (Butterworth)  With Mark Rylance & Mackenzie Crook
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  11/20/11 (M)
    Performing works of Bernstein, Lauridsen, Palestrina & Rossi.
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  11/18/12 (M)
    20th Century Voices: Works of Pinkham, Britten, Poulenc & Kodály.
  • Boston Early Music Festival  Jordan Hall, Boston, MA  11/24/12 (M)
    Performing Monteverdi’s Orfeo. Paul O’Dette & Stephen Stubbs, musical directors. With BEMF vocal & chamber ensembles and Dark Horse Consort.
  • Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell  Orpheum Theater, Boston, MA  3/23/13 (M)
    Opening Act: Richard Thompson
    Partial Set List: Bluebird Wine, Black Caffeine, Back When We Were Beautiful, Luxury Liner, Dreaming My Dreams with You
  • Alison Krauss  Copley Square, Boston, MA  7/28/13 (M)
    With members of Union Station, incl. Dan Tyminski
  • All the Way  American Repertory Theater, Cambridge, MA  10/10/13 (T)
    (Schenkkan). With Brian Cranston & Michael McKean
  • Coro Allegro  Church of the Covenant, Boston, MA  11/24/13 (M)
    Reflections of Mercy: Works of Britten, Pärt, Corigliano, Victoria, Bruckner & Memley
  • Adam Ezra  Passim’s, Cambridge, MA 2012 or 2013 (M)
  • Convivium Musicum  Cambridge Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA  1/25/14 (M)
    Lost: Requiem & Lamentation: Works of Richafort, Appenzeller, Weelkes, Byrd, Vinders, Josquin des Prez, White, Clemens non Papa, de Wert & Schütz
  • Coro Allegro  Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA  3/30/14 (M)
    Annelies: The Diary of Anne Frank: Work by James Whitbourn
  • Maria Bamford  Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA  5/8/14 (C)
    Opening Act: Bethany Van Delft
  • Andrew Bird  Boarding House Park, Lowell, MA  7/12/14 (M)
    Backup Band: The Hands of Glory, feat. Tift Merritt
    Opening Act: Jimbo Mathus
  • Maria Bamford  Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA  5/8/15 (C)
    Opening Acts: ??
  • Crossing  Shubert Theatre, Boston, MA  6/6/15 (O)
    Music & libretto by Matthew Aucoin. Directed by Diane Paulus.
    With A Far Cry Chamber Orchestra.
    “Presented by the American Repertory Theater, based in Cambridge, in association with Music-Theater Group, ‘Crossing’ is a taut, teeming and inspired work. With a libretto by Mr. Aucoin, the opera is based on the diaries of Walt Whitman from his transformative experience tending to wounded soldiers during the Civil War at makeshift hospitals on the outskirts of Washington.”
    – Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 5/31/15
  • World Party  City Winery, New York, NY  7/10/15 (M)
    Set List: Waiting Such a Long Long Time; Put the Message in the Box; Call Me Up; When the Rainbow Comes; All Come True; She’s the One; Love Street; Is It Like Today?; What Is Love All About? God on My Side; Sunshine; Sweet Soul Dream; Vanity Fair; Who Are You?; Ship of Fools; Is It Too Late?; Encore: Mystery Girl; Way Down Now
  • Million Dollar Quartet  Ogunquit Playhouse, Ogunquit, ME  9/9/15 (MT)
    (Escott/Mutrux) Featuring music of Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins
  • Orchestra of Indian Hill  Littleton High School, Littleton, MA  11/14/15 (M)
    Performing works of Mendelssohn, etc.
  • Convivium Musicum  First Parish Church, Berlin, MA  2/14/16 (M)
    Musica Poetica: Works of Lassus, de Wert, Magalhaes, Schein, de Padilla, Gabrieli, Byrd, Zucchini, Laskar & de Morales.
  • Magic Dick & Shun Ng  Shalin-Liu Performance Center, Rockport, MA  5/21/16 (M)
    Opening Act: Ruby Rose Fox
  • Glen Hansard  Orpheum Theatre, Boston, MA  9/13/16 (M)
    Opening Act: Joe Purdy
  • Angel Olsen  The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA  9/20/16 (M)
    Opening Act: Alex Cameron
  • Trevor Noah  Wilbur Theatre, Boston, MA  2/17/17 (C)
    Opening Act: ?
  • Coro Allegro  Sanders Theatre, Cambridge, MA  3/12/17 (M)
    The White Raven: Works of Pinkham, Onovwerosuoke and Haydn
  • The Marriage of Figaro  Boston Lyric Opera, John Hancock Hall, Boston, MA 4/30/17 (O)
    Conducted by David Angus. Directed by Rosetta Cucchi. Cast: Evan Hughes, Emily Birsan, Emily Fons, David Pershall and Nicole Heaston.
  • Spoon / The New Pornographers  Blue Hills Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA  7/21/17 (M)
    The New Pornographers (without Neko Case or Dan Bejar) was opening act. Left after 1/2 hour of Spoon.
  • Gogol Bordello  Paradise Rock Club, Boston, MA   9/22/17 (M)
    Opening Act: Lucky Chops
  • Convivium Musicum  Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA  11/11/17 (M)
    Reunion: Works of Brumel, Guerrero, Goudimel, Sweelinck, Des Prez, White, Mouton, Byrd, Palestrina, Victoria and Isaac.
  • Maria Bamford  Wilbur Theater, Boston, MA 1/26/18 (C)
    Opening Act: Allison Raskin
  • Harvard ‘Arts First’ Festival   Various venues, Cambridge, MA 4/28/18 (M)
    Silkroad Ensemble, Parker Quartet, Brattle Street Chamber Players, John Lithgow, Harvard University Band, VoxJazz, Asia Stewart
  • Harvard University Choir/Harvard Baroque Chamber Orchestra  Memorial Church, Cambridge, MA 4/28/18 (M)
    Performing Monteverdi’s Vespers of 1610

  • Andy Borowitz  Symphony Hall, Boston, MA 6/29/18 (C)
  • This Place/Displaced  Charlestown Working Theater, Charlestown, MA 8/24/18 (T)
    Produced by Artists’ Theater of Boston
  • I’m With Her   Levon Helm Studios, Woodstock, NY  9/15/18 (M)
    With Sarah Jarosz, Sara Watkins and Aoife O’Donovan
    Opening Act: The Brother Brothers
  • Dedham Choral Society  Holy Name Church, West Roxbury, MA 12/7/18 (M)
  • Orchestra Paris Classik  Sainte-Chapelle, Paris, France  8/21/19 (M)
    Performing works of Pachelbel, Handel and Vivaldi

The 2020s

  • Oedipus the King  Online Streaming from Play Your Part, Seattle, WA 8/31/20 (P)
    Featuring Mark Waldstein
  • Convivium Musicum  Good Shepherd Parish, Waban, MA 4/2/22 (M)
    “A Musical Afternoon Fete”
  • Aimee Mann  Chevalier Theatre, Medford, MA 4/23/22 (M)
    Opening Act: Jonathan Coulton
    Set list: You Fall; I See You; Patient Zero, Rollercoasters; The Moth; Burn It Out; Little Bombs; Suicide Is Murder; Save Me; I Can’t Help You Anymore; Video; Lost in Space; King of the Jailhouse; Brooklyn (Owes the Charmer Under Me); Wise Up; Long Shot
  • The Sixties Show  The Ridgefield Playhouse, Ridgefield, CT 5/14/22 (M)
    Feat. Craig O’Keefe, Tom Licameli, Jim Boggia, Peter Chuisano, John Cardone, Chris Parker, Scott Devours
  • The Wild Hearts Tour   Leader Bank Pavilion, Boston, MA 8/18/22 (M)
    Julien Baker: Sprained Ankle, Bloodshot, Tokyo, Favor, Relative Fiction, Red Door, Heatwave, Ringside, Faith Healer, Hardline, Ziptie
    Sharon Van EttenHeadspace, Comeback Kid, Anything, Come Back, I’ll Try, Tarifa, All I Can, Porta, Every Time the Sun Comes Up, Born, Mistakes, Seventeen
    Angel Olsen: Dream Thing, Big Time, Ghost On, Right Now, Lark, All Mirrors, Go Home, All The Good Times, Chance
    Sharon van Etten & Angel Olsen: Like I Used To, Without You
  • The Decemberists  Roadrunner, Boston, MA 8/21/22 (M)
    Opening Act: Jake Xerxes Fussell
    Set list: The Infanta, Calamity Song, Shiny, Burial Ground, Sucker’s Prayer, The Sporting Life,

    Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then), The Engine Driver, The Wanting Comes in Waves / Repaid, Severed, We All Die Young, Make You Better, Down by the Water, I Was Meant for the Stage, 12/17/12, Sons & Daughters, After the Bombs
  • Shemekia Copeland  Gates of the City, Fall River, MA 9/4/22 (M)
    Opening Acts: Ward Hayden & the Outliers; Mark Cutler & Men of Great Courage
    Setlist: Money Makes You Ugly, Clotilda’s on Fire, Ain’t Got Time for Hate, It’s My Own Tears, Nobody but You, Too Far to Be Gone, Walk Until I Ride, Great Rain, The Wrong Idea, Has Anybody Seen My Man?, Barefoot in Heaven, Stand Up and Testify, Ghetto Child, It’s 2 a.m.
  • Wolf Alice  Big Night Live, Boston, MA 9/30/22 (M)
    Opening Act: Luna Li
    Set list: Smile; You’re a Germ; Formidable Cool; Delicious Things; Lipstick on the Glass; Planet Hunter; Bros; Safe From Heartbreak (If You Never Fall in Love); How Can I Make It OK?; Play the Greatest Hits; Silk; Feeling Myself; Moaning Lisa Smile; Visions of a Life; Giant Peach; No Hard Feelings; The Last Man on Earth; Don’t Delete the Kisses
  • Alvvays  Roadrunner, Boston, MA 11/18/22 (M)
    Opening Act; Slow Pulp
    Set list: Pharmacist, After the Earthquake, In Undertow, Many Mirrors, Very Online Guy, Adult Diversion, Not My Baby, Hey, Tom Verlaine, Belinda Says, Fourth Figure, Archie, Marry Me, Pomeranian Spinster, Pressed, Dreams Tonite, Party Police, Easy On Your Own?, Saved by a Waif, Ones Who Love You, Next of Kin, Lottery Noises
  • Convivium Musicum  Vilna Shul, Boston, MA 11/20/22 (M)
    Featuring music of Salamone Rossi
  • Tribute to Dick Pleasants  Somerville Theater, Somerville, MA 1/7/23 (M)
    Featuring Tom Rush, Lori McKenna, Guy Davis, Kate Campbell, Garnet Rogers and Chris Smither.
  • Boston Symphony Orchestra  Symphony Hall, Boston, MA 3/25/23 (M)
    Thomas Adès conducting Persephone (Igor Stravinsky) and Inferno Suite and Paradiso (from Dante) (Thomas Adès)
  • Convivium Musicum  United Parish of Brookline, Brookline, MA 3/26/23 (M)
    Annual fete.
  • John Patitucci Trio  Regent Theater, Arlington, MA 4/2/23 (M)
    Featuring Chris Potter and Obed Calvaire
    Set included: Mali, Chick-Monk, Three Pieces of Glass, Out West, I Fall in Love Too Easily (encore).
  • The Hold Steady/Dinosaur Jr.  Roadrunner, Allston, MA 5/13/23 (M)
    Opening Act: Come
    Dinosaur Jr. set list: Thumb, Repulsion, Garden, I Ain’t, Kracked, Sludgefeast, Crumble, Feel the Pain, Raisans, Knocked, Around, Does It Float, I Met the Stones, Just Like Heaven Training Ground (Deep Wound cover with Scott Helland), Freak Scene
    The Hold Steady set list:
    Constructive Summer, The Swish, Barfruit Blues, Lanyards, Party Pit, Stevie Nix, Grand Junction, Sequestered in Memphis, Heavy Covenant, Sideways Skull, First Night, Yeah Sapphire, Carlos Is Crying, Family Farm, Entitlement Crew, Stuck Between Stations, Your Little Hoodrat Friend, Massive Nights, Stay Positive, Slapped Actress, How a Resurrection Really Feels Encore: Lord, I’m Discouraged, Banging Camp, Chips Ahoy!, Killer Parties
  • The New Pornographers  Royale, Boston, MA 5/15/23 (M)
    Opening Act: Wild Pink
    Set list: Marie and the Undersea, Use It, Brill Bruisers, Falling Down the Stairs of Your Smile, Really Really Light, The Slow Descent Into Alcoholism, Cat and Mouse With the Light, All the Old Showstoppers, Angelcover, Adventures in Solitude, Testament to Youth in Verse, This is the World of the Theater, Last and Beautiful, Champions of Red Wine, The Laws Have Changed, Pontius Pilate’s Home Movies, The Jessica Numbers, It’s Only Divine Right, Whiteout Conditions, Mass Romantic, Encore: Challengers, Dancehall Domine, Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk, The Bleeding Heart Show

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