Monthly Archives: July 2017

Roll Up for the Musical Memory Tour

Some of you may know that in addition to being a lister, native plant enthusiast and lawyer, I am also a musician.  I have finally pulled together the many cassette recordings of music I’ve performed over the years and digitized them. They are now available to listen to on a new page on my website.

Note: My musical partner in the early 1980s was my very talented friend Bruce Heller (now Bruce Heller, M.D.). The studio recordings from 1989-1994 were done with the assistance of musician/producer/friend John Krivit.

Warning: The tracks on the website include both studio recordings, which have decent sound quality (although the transfer from tape to mp3 resulted in some losses), and live recordings.  Despite my best efforts to clean them up, the quality of the live recordings is very mixed, often pretty bad.

To hear the music, click on this link: My Personal Musical Archive: 1981-2002.

Feel free to share anything you like.  The only thing I ask is that if you reprint or share, please credit the songwriters.

– John