Most of the lists in the Music section are meta-lists that are compilations of many other lists made by various folks (usually music critics, scholars and editors of books, magazines and websites).  There are two Best Albums of All Time lists (one by rank and one organized by musician/band) that include rock (and many of its subgenres), pop, rhythm & blues, soul, hip-hop/rap, and folk, with a tiny smattering of country, jazz and blues. To address the huge gaps left by the Best Albums lists, I’ve made separate critics’ compilation lists for classical (by rank and chronological, as well as lists of the best composers with their best works), jazz, country, rap/hip hop, blues and world music.  I’ve also made lists of Best Songs (mostly pop and rock, ranked and chronological), as well as Best Country Songs and Best Rap/Hip Hop Songs lists.

There are also some personal favorites lists: I’ve made a list of the albums I’ve rated 5 out of 5 stars and I also included a list of every music concert, theater performance (including operas) and live comedy performance I can remember, beginning in 1975.

For the largest, most comprehensive music list, organized chronologically, check out My Checklists – Music.  This is an aggregate list containing all the other music lists – it’s where I keep track of how many of the Best Music albums, songs and works I own.

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