The Best of 2019: Books, Music, Movies & TV

Every year in December, various publications and websites announce their best of the year lists in various categories, and every December I collect those lists and combine them into meta-lists.  Usually I make lists of best books, movies and music (albums), but this year I added TV shows, in acknowledgement that we are in a period of unprecedented quality in television.  Here are the meta-lists for 2019:

Best Films of 2019
Best Books of 2019
Best Music of 2019
Best TV Shows of 2019

3 thoughts on “The Best of 2019: Books, Music, Movies & TV

    1. beckchris

      I appreciate your interest in the original source lists, but for a complicated set of reasons, I decided when I began the Make Lists, Not War website not to publish the specific lists I use to make the meta-lists. That being said, a simple Google search using the terms “Best Books of 2019”, “Best Movies of 2019”, etc., will pull up most or all of the same lists I found.


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