Personal Preferences: A Break from Meta-Lists

I spend most of my time on Make Lists, Not War compiling best-of lists made by other people into meta-lists.  I find this to be an enjoyable pastime – I always learn a lot making each meta-list, and the number of hits the website gets from folks around the world indicates that these lists are useful and/or interesting to other people.

But what about my personal best-of lists?  Like so many listers out there, I love to make lists of my favorites.  I keep running tallies of the books, films, and albums that I have rated 5/5 stars.  These lists are quite long (295 books, 266 films, and 245 albums).  Those lists are available on the website.  But recently I decided to make smaller lists of favorite albums and favorite books – I decided to limit myself to just 150 books and albums (I didn’t try this with movies – too painful).  So these aren’t all my favorites, just some of them.

Here are the links:

My 150 Favorite Albums
My 150 Favorite Books

If you want to see all my favorites, here are the links to my five-star rated books, movies and albums:

My Five-Star Books
My Five-Star Films
My Five-Star Albums 

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